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Wallstreet Bailout Bulls 


the story


The Wallstreet Bailout Bulls art collection is the blockchain-focused advancement of Wall Street Government: An urban art project packaged as an original song & music video. This 1/1's NFT collection consists of digital media created by MiceofMillions & Robohemoth, redesigned by Nipun Nair. The "Bailout Bull" illustration is taken directly from the mural which was painted and shot in downtown Los Angeles in 2015. The mural is inspired by the 2008 financial crisis, and ongoing corruption in American financial markets; pairing public artwork with video. The video interlaces historical clips from the finance industry, along with footage of the mural creation itself. They’re molded together to deliver a determinedly bold statement.


 The Wall Street Bailout Bulls represent the arrogant abuse of political power & influence by major financial institutions. The Wall Street Government mural is on display in the Little Tokyo arts district in



the artist

Jamie Johnson (MiceofMillions) is a freelance graffiti artist, muralist, and illustrator. He specializes in political satire, comic & youth culture, graphic design, branding, and storytelling. 

roadmap 🚀

our release schedule depends entirely on community support!


  • Bailout Bull PFP art

  • Bailout Bull Animated 3D Collectible

  • Wall Street Government original track + Video >> MP4, MP3, and WAV files

  • Bailout Bull Canvas Prints (coming soon)




Wen DAO?

No DAO, No discord, just art for art lovers.

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